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Making international trade easier and more accessible for MSMEs





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Search and connect to trusted partners abroad

Increase your firm’s digital visibility, find trade partners, and integrate into global value chains.

Digitally negotiate and close trade operations

Negotiate and agree on trade terms (price, quantity, Incoterm, etc.) with a simple click.

Keep an auditable track record of your trade activity

Demonstrate your trade performance to banks, insurers and other partners, and build a solid reputation.


Making trade more trustable,
efficient and transparent

Make meaningful networks

Like you do in a social network, your firm will find relevant information on potential trade partners and digitally interact with them, building trust.

Save time and avoid misunderstandings

Instead of negotiating a deal through countless e-mails, phone calls or WhatsApp messages, you can agree on all the trade terms through a single and intuitive interface that is updated automatically each time that a party changes a trade term.

Show your performance

Transparency and sustainability across supply chains is becoming increasingly important. In BlackGull, you will keep a fully auditable track record of your trade operations, which can be shown to third parties.

A tool especially designed for MSMEs

Grow and conquer new territories

We understand that you aspire for more. More markets for your exports; more options of raw materials or semi-manufactured products. BlackGull connects you with those.

Increase access to finance and insurance

Trade finance and trade insurance are difficult to access for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs); the smaller, the harder. The auditable track record of your transactions will show your true level of credit and risk.

An affordable yet powerful tool

While large companies work with sophisticated enterprise software like ERP and SCM, that option is usually too expensive for MSMEs. BlackGull will be free for basic functions, and shall offer affordable packages for firms of various sizes and needs.



A truly digital trade interaction

Take advantage of a digital ID

BlackGull will provide your firm with a cryptographic digital identity, based on the R3 Corda blockchain platform. This will allow it to seamlessly interact in increasingly digital trade ecosystems.

Integrate into digital global value chains

COVID-19 has accelerated digitalization of global value chains (GVCs) to levels no one expected. Our digital tool will help your firm to keep pace with this trend and integrate into GVCs.

Control your trade data

Data is being called the “new oil”. BlackGull will enable your firm to keep control of the data generated as a result of its trade activity. This data will be owned and taken advantage of by your firm, not by others that pay nothing for it.




SDG 8 SDG 9 SDG 10  

Trade, not Aid

By helping MSMEs to access trade finance and funding in general, BlackGull will help to mobilize private capital towards the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.








BlackGull was born in Sabadell, a small city in the skirts of Barcelona, out of a concern for the struggles that small companies from the area were facing to get involved in international trade, specially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Since then, we have been discussing our vision and testing our product with small firms from Europe, Latin America and Africa. The project has received support from the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce and from R3 Venture Development.

At the beginning of 2021, we successfully graduated as one of the Batch VI startups in the F10 Fintech Incubator program in Zurich. Currently, our startup is a fellow of the Impact Factory program (Duisburg), and has its offices in the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, part of the De Hub ecosystem initiative of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Ricardo Henriquez

Co-founder & CEO

25+ years of experience in the international trade industry. Techstars & F10 Fintech alumnus. C-Level team member of startups in Dubai & Israel.

Jon Goldberg

Co-founder & CTO

30+ years of experience in finance, technology and marketing & sales, including corporate jobs at companies in USA, China and Austria. 






Contact us at: info @ Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg
Speicherstadt, St Annenufer 2, 20457
Hamburg, Germany